Sometimes good weather is the only motivation you need for a workout – but that does mean that those of us who are UK-based often need to make our own motivation thanks to the unpredictable weather. The good news, though, is that although we might not be one of those places that benefit from sun all year round, we’re never too far away from a dose of warmth – think Spain, Portugal, Italy…

So how about combining a trip to one of our sunnier neighbouring countries with getting fit? We know, when you go on holiday you don’t automatically think of working out, but that’s the thing – we’re always looking for ways to make working out as fun as possible, so what better way?

Founders of StrongbeatsSkinny Fit Camp, Mirella Ingamells and Kitti Savai, have just done that, putting fitness and fun together but… wait for it… in Ibiza! It’s a one-week camp, but throw all your preconceptions of ‘camp’ out the window – Can Verru is a luxury villa surrounded by beautiful beaches. And don’t worry, the secluded part of the island is far removed from the usual party areas, perfect for you to focus on your goals and get a real retreat away from everything else going on.

Now of course you have to expect to work hard, but it would also include being outdoors, soaking up the sun (though stay hydrated), trying out beach activities and doing yoga at sunset. You will also get the opportunity to lounge around, spend time by the pool and make friends – so let’s call it a holiday but with the added benefit that you’ll be flying home way fitter (and more tanned) than when you left.

And of course no fitness schedule is as effective as it could be without a nutrition plan to accompany it, so expect to have personal chefs at the ready, preparing your wholesome meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you don’t even need to think about cooking.

Rest assured you’re in good hands: Mirella is a specialised Physique and Lifestyle Coach, Bio-Signature Practitioner and Fitness Model and is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most celebrated female coaches and body health experts.

Interested? The next StrongbeatsSkinny Fit Camp will take place 21st-28th May 2016. Click here for more info:

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